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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Male 8 SOLD to Deanne and Keith of Hope Mills, NC

Puppy Pictures
Puppy Purchase Agreement
Potential Puppy Owner Questionaire

"I'm not quite sure if I have this figured out want me to stand here and do what again?"

Male 8: Age 5 Weeks

Mlae 8: Age 6 Weeks

Male 8: Age 11 Weeks

I just love this dog.  He is otherwise known as "Saddleback" because of the two symmetrical liver patches on his back similar to the padding on an English saddle...hence...the nickname.  But hey, like I said, it's only so I can keep track of him from amoungst his kin folk.  His markings are as I said, symmetrical.  This photo is at five weeks and his ticking is getting more pronounced but is washed out in this photo.  He is in the top five pups hierarchy-level...but is something of an enigma.  One day, he's taking on the top dog the next taking a back seat to little "Mohawk" (the smallest, but spunky, female).  So, I think his deal is about the game he's willing to play.  Good-heart, high pain threshold (I check by "pinching" between the toes and ear to see comparatively where they rate...I would balk at much less force so he's a pretty tough little guy), great eagerness and playfullness, loves to explore but doesn't range too far.  I think he will make the right connection with someone and give them the ride of their life whether it is in the field or in the house.  I think that this is going to be a dog for all seasons.