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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Female 2 SOLD to Marianne of Raleigh, NC

Puppy Pictures
Puppy Purchase Agreement
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"You are getting verrrrryyyyy sleepy..."

Female 2: Age - Five Weeks

Female 2: Age 6 Weeks

Female 2: Age 11 Weeks

Yeah, as you can tell, I grabbed a buddy to help with the shots, it's actually twilight, not midnight as it looks in the pictures, but my fancy - dancy 7 dollar disposable camera didn't qutie capture the moment the way that I was hoping.  Okay, so what.  It's the dog that you came here for and not my wit.  She's almost a twin to one of the males but don't hold that against her.  You can still tell she's a bitch (I mean that in a nice way) and she has the personality to match...(hey, I said I meant that in a nice way).  She is very affectionate and attentive even though there are times that she can be a little aloof - like when she's chasing a butterfly in the flower garden or rolling around in the herb garden (nope, I'm not using those herbs in the kitchen anymore...better luck next year, Jim).  I let them out to get around in the bushes and plants and yard and woods around my home.  That became a little tricky when this rascle fell sound asleep under a bush and took me 20 minutes to find her.  However, this pup has great lines on her and has another fantastic head with very nice markings like her father, she'll be a fantastic hunter and companion.  Let me know how she works out for you because I'll miss this one alot.