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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Female 4 SOLD to Liz from Charlotte, NC

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"Yes, I am different!"

Female 4: Age - Five Weeks

Female 4: Age 6 Weeks

Female 4: Age 6 Weeks

Let me introduce you to the last of the Mohicans - she's the little one of the litter.  The picture is of five weeks of age, but today she is six weeks old and 5.8 lbs, nearly three pounds lighter than the big boy of the litter.  She has spunk, and that's no lie, she is gregarious and tough (has to be when your the smallest) and quick.  She gets in there with the big guys and takes her food when she is hungry.  Oh, she may get tossed on her back here and again, but she always gets right back up and I have seen her take down more than one of the bigger guys when she gets her dander up.  Oh yeah, I'm partial to her, can you tell?  Although her size puts her as the runt, objectively, she doesn't seem the worse for wear.  She has all the same positive conformational style as in the others but in a smaller package.  But beware, more than one runt has grown to be the biggest of the litter as an adult although I'll admit that it isn't commonplace.  I think that tends to learn faster than the others as compensation for her size because she never seems to lag behind any of the others developmentally.  Also, like I said, she is very gregarious, she adores people and loves to be played with and handled.  Usually, she is one of the first to great you at the gate.