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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Puppy Pictures
Puppy Pictures
Puppy Purchase Agreement
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Thirteen puppies were born on June 4, 2004 - eight males and five females I am going to periodically update these pictures as well as provide notes on the litter to those individuals who reserve a puppy

The whole litter at one day old all thirteen fill the laundry basket

All the pups at six weeks of age

Photos of the puppies will be periodically updated.  As of 28 July the pups have all started to show substantial ticking, particulary starting with the legs and feet but the skin in the white areas are showing dark pigmentation and so I still expect that they will end up very much like the sire and dam with solid liver heads and liver patched with ticking and liver roan.  They will become very dignified and aristocratic looking dogs when fully grown.  Some of which are getting to be some big ole' pups.
Please click on the links below for pictures of the individual puppy pictures.

The Boys All In A Row

Male 1 Sold to Jack of Manassas, VA

Male 2 SOLD to David of Lerna, IL

Male 3 SOLD to Vickie of Hickory, NC

Male 4 SOLD to Teresa and Monte of Wake Forest, NC

Male 5 SOLD to Ian from Apex, NC

Male 6 SOLD to Hope and Dan of Sandwich, MA

Male 7 SOLD to Pat and Michelle of Sanford, NC

Male 8 SOLD to Deanne and Keith of Hope Mills, NC

A Bucket of Girls

Female 1 SOLD to Ken from Melvin, Michigan

Female 2 SOLD to Marianne of Raleigh, NC

Female 3 SOLD to Patty and Layne of Burgettstown, PA

Female 4 SOLD to Liz from Charlotte, NC

Female 5 SOLD to Scott and Cindy of Fayetteville, NC

If you are interested in any of the puppies shown here, please note that a $100 deposit is required to hold a reservation on a puppy and that picks of the litter are determined in the order that the deposit is received.