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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Male 6 SOLD to Hope and Dan of Sandwich, MA

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"Miss a meal, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!  Look at my belly!!!"

Male 6: Age - Five Weeks

Male 6: Age 6 Weeks What a Difference a Week Makes, Look How I have Grown!

Male 6: Age 11 Weeks

Yeah, he's head first into the food bowl.  No, I wouldn't say that he is aggressive - or even dominate, but he likes his chow.  I guess I can appreciate that.  Seriously, he is in the mid-range.  He's five weeks old in this picture and today, July 19th, he received his second worming and first round of shots.  Alert and attentive, can be a real lover, but explores and hits ground scent like no ones business.  I watched him track his mother down for a snack the other day even though he's been weaned for a week now.  Very confident and self-assured should make a great companion and hunting dog.  I expect that he will have a good desire to please because of his attentiveness and eagerness.