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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Male 7 SOLD to Pat and Michelle of Sanford, NC

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"Oh yeah, I'm a handsome devil aren't I?"

Male 7: Age - Five Weeks

Male 7: Age 6 Weeks

And yes, he does know it.  He is looking better every day.  Another pup who can't miss a meal, he is in there first.  The largest pup of the litter weighing in a 8.2 lbs today, July 19th, at the vet...poor fellow is sleeping off his first set of shots and second worming.  I like his color - very proportioned, and his tail - good length, tail set is his, confidence - look at him on the table as compared to others.  He is THE dominite dog in the litter but not overbearing or brutish.  I spend extra time on him in handling, grooming, bathing and submission exercises to maintain and help develop biddability and just the right amount of submission without being sheepish.  He is going to be a hard charging young buck and is going to require proper training, but like all dogs, he will respect the leader of the house who is fair and firm.  Recommend he goes to a hunting household or to someone with past experience in that case he would probably make a great bracemate to a more experienced dog.  I can't say enough good things about him or have higher expectations.