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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Female 1 SOLD to Ken from Melvin, Michigan

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"Did you get my GOOD side?"

Female 1: Age - Five Weeks

Female 1: Age 6 Weeks

Honey, all sides are good sides!  She's one of the larger females.  Today, July 19th, she received her second worming and first shots and she weighed in at 7.2 lbs which is the average weight of the males at this time.  Looking good with a nice head that isn't doggy, but certainly not like that of an English Pointer, nice jawline (even Maria Shriver can't say that) and solid bone structure all around.  She doesn't mind mixing it up with the "boys" in the litter and is a very sound pup whose progress I hope to be able to follow as she matures.