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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Female 3 SOLD to Patty and Layne of Burgettstown, PA

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"It isn't easy, being cheesy."

Female 3: Age - Five Weeks

Female 3: Age 6 Weeks

Female 3: Age 6 Weeks

Real nice light to medium framed female pup.  Some of you are looking for a more compact dog and this should be it, but mom is 55 lbs and dad is 62 lbs so you're still probably looking at a 50 lb dog in field condition...maybe.  She could end up a couch potato, depends on you some there.  I think that you'll like the spunk in this one although she tends to run under the radar.  Doesn't bring a lot of attention to herself, but don't take that to mean that she's timid or shy.  She'll run right up to you and really give you a "wet willy" if she can reach your ear, there's a lot of affection in this pup and like her siblings a high degree of pain tolerance and general toughness.  Never even flinched today when she got her first shots.