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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Female 5 SOLD to Scott and Cindy of Fayetteville, NC

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"I wasn't born, I came running out on my own."

Female 5: Age - Five Weeks

Female 5: Age 6 Weeks

You know, if we could write our own stories, that statement above would be hers.  It is true, that she wasn't so much as born as she ran out on of there.  She literally fought her way to be born.  I was floored and amazed to watch it and she hasn't changed a lick.  I nicknamed her "Nub" because she was born with only half a tail which made her the easiest one to have her tail docked, she sort of came out ready-made.  At birth she was the runt, born 7th, she quickly gained weight to become on par as of today, July 19th, as the males at about 7.1 lbs.  Great looking , her markings are quite unique.  There are two joined circles on her rump in a fiqure eight design and a patch on the left side.  Although she is currently mostly white with some liver tick, this is all changing (and has been over the last couple weeks) to become eventually more liver roan than white.  Her outgoing and tough personality will make her a great hunting companion for many years to come yet her affectionate side will win your heart.  This pup will earn your respect whether you want to give it or not.