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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Male 1 Sold to Jack of Manassas, VA

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"Stand, Whoa, Sit...what in the heck are you talking about.  I just want to go back to taking my nap."

Male 1: Age - Five Weeks

Male 1: Six Weeks of Age

Male 1: Age 11 Weeks

Great looking pup, naturally, I can't say enough good things about him.  Couple of things that you will notice from the picture is the depth and breadth of his chest.  This is true of all the pups and something I am glad to see come down with consistency from mom and dad.  Although it's true that they are still young yet, the chest is deeper than the elbow joint and proportionately wider in the chest.  Of course the females are a bit narrower, however, they are supposed to one wants a doggy bitch or a bitchy dog.  The same can also be said of the head and tail.  The head is solid liver and both broad, deep and proportionate, and the tail set is high, rigid, and at a very nice angle.  Again, these are some solid traits consistently passed throughout the litter from the sire and dam.  Personality - hey this pup has it all.  He will sleep in your arms and nip at your heels...both the picture of contentment and full of vigor and style...most of the time.  He still forgets that the grass can trip him up and it sends him tumbling from time to time when he isn't paying attention.  He is all about scent and has a tendancy to "track" whatever he can find.  I'll be very interested to find out how he does in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test.  This will be a great pup for the lucky hunter out there.