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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Male 3 SOLD to Vickie of Hickory, NC

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Hey check it out, I got my first series of shots today with my second worming too...oh what a treat.

Age - Five Weeks

Male 3: Age 11 Weeks

As of June 17, this is one of the larger pups in the litter.  He is confident and never misses a meal.  He was slower than many of his brothers and sisters to begin walking, standing, and sitting up (well, sort of sitting up...he is still an infant after all) and I think that may have more to do with his rapid weight gain as compared to his other siblings.  He is one of my personal favorites in this litter, but it is oh so soon to begin making an objective opinion as to the traits and abilities of a pup...we'll just have to wait and see how he developes.  As with all the other pups in the litter, the white areas of the coat are showing signs of future liver ticking.
July 19, Great looking pup, the ticking is really getting darker, compare the markings with the sire and you'll see immediately what I mean when I compare the two.  Not only is he beginning to look like him, I have noticed how mellow and easily he takes to new experiences, first bath, first grooming, first time in the woods, first ride in the truck...many firsts and he takes them all in stride.  Requires little "consolation or comforting" and I do be hard on him over fact, I could say that about all the pups, the only thing that they are ever hard headed about is chewing on my shoe laces when they are about my feet.  I think that they have a foot fetish.  Anyway, take a look at him, nice symmetry and bone structure, great lines, good looking "German" head, what more could I ask of mom and dad?