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German Shorthair Pointers vom Koch

Male 4 SOLD to Teresa and Monte of Wake Forest, NC

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I've been calling this one "Pac Man," his marking looks like the old arcade game and on his other side he has a little dot and so it was only natural.  I'm sure you'll be able to think of a better name though.

Age - Five Weeks

Male 4: Age 6 Weeks

"Oh yeah, I am most definitely tired," is what the caption to this photo should say.  He plays hard and sleeps hard.  "Pac Man" is one of the lead dogs in the litter and shows no fear.  Great intelligence and drive but he is still the charmer with the ladies  ;-)  (wink, wink)  I don't know where he gets it from...  He, like all the other pups, are showing that they have never met a stranger and are eager to greet newcomers to their little piece of the world.  So, I can't say that he, or any of the others for that matter are aggressive, just in relative terms as compared to their siblings.  I think that he will mature to be on the larger side and should retain much of the white in a coat that isn't too dark, but it's hard to say yet.  Give it another week or two and we shall see.  I would think that he will have considerable ticking.  Overall, a great dog whose company I greatly enjoy and appreciate.